Meet Senior Decision Makers From:

  • Current E&P Operators In The Bakken
  • Prospective Bakken E&P Operators
  • Crude Pipeline Companies
  • Rail Operators For Crude & NGLs
  • Crude Oil Trading
  • Refiners
  • Gas Gathering Companies
  • Gas Processing Companies
  • Gas Pipeline Companies
  • NGL Gathering Companies
  • NGL Pipeline Companies
  • Oil & Gas Research Organizations

With The Following Job Titles:

CEOs, COOs, Presidents, VPs & Directors Of...

  • Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Production
  • Exploration
  • Operations
  • Gas Processing
  • Land
  • Bakken Infrastructure
  • Midstream
  • Engineering


  • Pipeline Repair & Maintenance Companies
  • Rail Construction & Maintenance Companies
  • Pipe Material Suppliers
  • Rail Material Suppliers
  • Oil & Gas Project Consultants
  • Gas Service Companies
  • Oil & Gas Software Companies
  • Oil & Gas Research Companies
  • NGL Service Companies
  • Environmental Solution Companies
  • Crude Marketing Companies
  • Gas Marketing Companies


Just a year ago, it was practically a no brainer to rail Bakken crude to the higher paying Gulf Coast markets, but the recent collapse of the WTI and Brent price differentials has left the industry questioning the long term sustainability of rail.  

To gain clarity on the future viability of rail, existing and new rail and pipeline markets need to be examined side by side, in light of accessibility and transportation costs, to enable E&P operators to optimize routes to market and determine whether moving crude barrels by rail or pipe will yield the highest netback.

Additionally, with increasing regulatory pressure on Bakken operators to minimize flaring, solutions for gas gathering, processing and takeaway infrastructure are needed now more than ever. Bakken players are currently losing too much revenue as a result of flaring, making it essential for producers to ensure pipeline connectivity, capitalize on Gas and NGL production and ultimately, improve overall well economics in light of fluctuating market prices.    

The mission of Bakken Product Markets & Takeaway Capacity Congress 2014 is two fold:

  • To Facilitate Discussions And Decisions Determining Whether It Will Be More Profitable To Move Crude By Pipeline Or Rail Going Forward
  • To Deliver Workable Gas And NGL Gathering And Takeaway Solutions To Eliminate Gas Flaring In The Most Economical Manner

Day one will begin by examining the key criteria used by a leading operator in the Bakken to determine whether to move crude barrels by rail or pipeline. The speakers will then analyze the crude production profile and assess the impact on the WTI and Brent price differential and thus the justification for railing crude to the Gulf Coast. The conference then breaks into rail and pipeline specific sessions focusing on the economics driving each market destination. A leading operator will then discuss how they utilize a combination of pipeline and rail to increase optionality and maximize netbacks. The day ends with the refiner's perspective on handling Bakken's light sweet crude to assess future demand potential for Bakken product.

Day two begins with an analysis of the Bakken gas production profile and US market options to quantify the midstream capacity needed to avoid gas flaring. Speakers will then deliver the latest federal, state and EPA regulations on gas flaring to determine how much longer a producer can flare, followed by insight into how producers may economically manage to stop flaring gas to capture its value. The conference then delivers sessions on short and long term gas gathering solutions and the latest updates on gas takeaway projects with one session specifically focusing on the economic viability of collaboration between producer and midstream companies to determine the progress being made towards eliminating gas flaring. The conference then focuses on NGLs ; scrutinizing US and international markets as well as planned fractionation, export and takeaway facilities to determine how infrastructure is keeping up with production forecasts.The day ends with a session on managing relationships with landowners to ensure quick and cost-effective connectivity.

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The 2014 Congress Brings Together Senior Professionals From E&P And Midstream Companies Currently Active In The Bakken...

...to explore Takeaway Solutions for Crude, Natural Gas and NGLs to find the best price for future crude markets reached by rail or pipeline and to generate economically viable Gas/NGL gathering and takeaway options to eliminate flaring.

The Congress mission is to provide practical and workable takeaway solutions for Bakken Crude, Natural Gas and NGLs with a commercial focus on finding the best markets to get the best price on Bakken products.

Brand New Agenda Content For The 2014 Congress Includes:

  • PRODUCTION PROFILE : Analyzing current and future production levels of Bakken crude oil to rationalize the continued build out of rail and pipeline infrastructure
  • PIPELINE VS. RAIL MARKETS : Analyzing the impact of current and future WTI and Brent spreads on Bakken oil prices to allow producers to plan their optimal routes to market
  • FUTURE VIABILITY OF RAIL : Justifying crude by rail to the Gulf, East and West Coasts given the predicted oil price differentials to maximize netbacks
  • PIPELINE UPDATES : Hearing the latest updates from pipeline operators on the timing, capacity and entry points of pipeline projects in the Bakken play to help plan future connectivity and ensure flow of product
  • GAS GATHERING :  Learning from long and short term gas gathering projects in the Bakken to discover economically viable solutions to prevent gas flaring
  • GAS FLARING REGULATIONS : Receiving updates on the Federal, State and EPA stance on Bakken gas flaring to ensure compliance with current regulations and anticipate future operational implications for the Bakken


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